Unique and Convenient

Our unique and convenient Golf Bag Skate allows for quick installation.

Durable and Reliable

Durable, adjustable and reliable, The Golf Bag Skate can be easily attached to most golf bags.

One Year Warranty

The Golf Bag Skate comes with a 1 year warranty that includes free shipping back to us.
Take the weight off your shoulders and back!
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Only $59.95
  • Don't strain your back. It used to be when I went to the golf course, I was always concerned about hurting my back, because carrying a golf bag over your shoulder is awkward. Since I put the Golf Bag Skate on my golf bag, I have not had to carry my bag from the car to the golf cart. I roll it!
  • I really love my Golf Bag Skate, now that I am older this 60 pound bag is pretty heavy. Now I can get it to the cart without any pain to my back or knees.
  • It straps to your bag in just seconds...I love my Golf Bag Skate, since my bag is so heavy and I'm so little this makes it so easy. It allows me to get out here and I'm ready to play.
  • Women, men, and kids enjoy not carrying their bags...I have bought this awesome invention for my wife and she loves this!